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Say Goodbye to Items

As you take inventory of your belongings, you will probably realize that you have a lot of belongings that you can get sell, donate, or simply throw away. Before you begin packing, take the time to get rid of old or tattered clothing, recycle books, and toss other items that are taking up unnecessary space in your home. Once you have done that, you will have a clearer mind and you will be ready to start packing.

Westar Moving & Storage is an interstate agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving, a proud supporter of Legacy List with Matt Paxton on Public Television. Getting ready to move is about more than just stuff; it’s about growth and new beginnings. Wheaton moves your life!


That’s something Westar Moving & Storage, Wheaton, and Legacy List with Matt Paxton have in common. When our customers are ready for a fresh start, we help them get where they need to be. Like Matt, our moving specialists guide individuals and families through the tough part of the process so they can focus on their exciting new direction.


If you love what you see from Matt and the Legacy List team, contact us, and we’ll put our team of moving experts on your move.

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